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Pammee Nurse, 6In

SKU: 61404


Meet our gorgeous Nurse Pammee, the Fennec Fox. She is part of our much loved and best selling YooHoo range.  This range will charm you with their new, vibrant colours, soft bodies and bushy tails. To achieve a unique crystalized effect, the trademarked big and sparkly eyes have also been redesigned by our industry leading designers. Made in a sitting position and crafted in luxurious plush, Pammee is a white Fennec Fox with pink accent colours wearing a blue Nurse's outfit holding a first aid kit.  She has an embroidered rainbow on the back of her dress.  She will make a great playmate and is perfect for any playtime.  Aurora World is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative and high quality plush products.

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