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Lemmee The Lemur Soft Toy 5In

SKU: 61082


Meet Lemmee, he is part of YooHoo's crew in YooTopia. Lemmee is now Featured on YooHoo to the Rescue: A Netflix Original Series.

Lemmee is the philosopher of the group, he has a vast knowledge of the Earth and other animal species. He deeply cares about his friends and has the magical ability to cure his injured friends.

Bring Lemmee into your home today and together you will have many adventures.

Lemmee is a Ring-Tailed Lemur, in the wild they live in Southern Madagascar in groups called troops. Lemurs have long black and white tail and use their hands and feet to climb trees. Lemmee is made from the softest materials which makes him perfect for playtime and cuddles.

Find out more about Lemmee, the crew and the friends they meet on their adventures here.


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