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Chicken Run Ginger Soft Toy

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Aurora World brings to life one of the most beloved Ginger characters as Chicken Run Ginger Soft Toy, from the hit animated movie "Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget." Now, you can bring the charm and fun of this character into your homes and lives! Suitable for all ages, this soft toy is the perfect gift for Chicken Run lovers.

Ginger is determined, ever the optimist and a natural-born leader. With her fiery red feathers and strong-willed personality, Ginger is a charismatic and relatable character who attracts audiences of all ages. With this Chicken Run Ginger Soft Toy, you can always count on having a companion who is quick-witted and ready to take on any challenge.

This 13-inch Chicken Run Ginger Soft Toy is handcrafted with the finest plush materials. It features bright, colourful feathers, a yellow scarf, a green beret, and a large yellow beak. The toy's eyes give it a lively and charming appearance.

Chicken Run Ginger Soft Toy has been carefully crafted to ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail. From the stitching to the materials used our team has spared no effort in capturing the essence of this beloved character in the most adorable way possible.

Our highly collectable range of soft toys will now include Chicken Run Ginger Soft Toy.

Aurora World is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality plush products. The stuffing inside this adorable collection of soft toys is made from recycled plastics.


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