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Sparkle Tales Sizzle Red Dragon

SKU: 60858


The Sparkle Tales Kingdom is a fantasy world where all kinds of magical creatures live. It is a place where fairy tales and imaginations are free to roam. The Sparkle Tales World consists of forests, desert, sea and a magical castle. Sizzle Dragon lives in the City of Once Upon A Time within the Sparkle Tales Kingdom with the other Sparkle Tales dragons. Sizzle has a beautiful red and yellow body which is super-soft and perfect for cuddles. He has a gorgeous sparkly material which compliments his beautiful sparkly eyes. Sizzle loves hanging out with his fellow dragons and has many friends throughout the Sparkle Tales Kingdom.  Collect them all. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative and high quality plush products.


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    • How big is this dragon

      Hi! Thank you for your question. Our Sparkle Tales Sizzle Red Dragon is 12'. I hope this answers your question :)

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